Taproot Press
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781838080013
RRP: ££14.99
PAGES: 152
PUBLICATION DATE: March 31, 2021


The Other Side of Stone

By Linda Cracknell

The latest work by Saltire-shortlisted author Linda Cracknell, The Other Side of Stone spans three centuries in an intimate study of those connected to a Perthshire woollen mill.

Following characters as diverse as a 19th century stone mason and rural suffragette, each story is interwoven to create a haunting tale of Perthshire’s wool industry that explores the struggle for women’s rights, and the long-term impact of industrialisation upon rural Scotland.

Reviews of The Other Side of Stone

‘Linda Cracknell’s The Other Side of Stone is a beautiful and haunting collection of stories centred on the history of a Perthshire woollen mill. At once a curse, a lament, a radical cry, each narrative thread weaves its magic to make a spellbinding whole. A beguiling and perfectly crafted novella coloured by the bracken and the bluebells of a Scottish autumn and spring.’ Mary Paulson-Ellis, author of The Other Mrs Walker

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