FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781785301346
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 288
PUBLICATION DATE: September 26, 2017


The Real Taggarts: Glasgow’s Greatest Crimebusters

By (author) Andrew G. Ralston

Keeping the streets of Glasgow safe has never been an easy task. From the pre-war razor gangs through to the drug lords of recent times, the city streets have never been without peril. But without the men who relentlessly fought crime year after year, the citizens of Glasgow would have been in far greater danger.The Real Taggarts examines the live of Glasgow’s greatest crimebusters and is based on exhaustive research which has uncovered new and previously unpublished material, including the personal files of key police officers which have never before been in the public domain. Many of these officers became legends in the Force: Joe Beattie: worked on both the Manual and Bible John investigations; Tom Goodall: Glasgow’s Maigret, who had to deal with an unprecedented rise in violent crime in the city; Gilbert McIlwrick: the Quiet Man of the Force who had to deal with five murders and a huge armed robbery in a single weekThe Real Taggarts is a fascinating insight into the men whose job it was to keep Glasgow safe and the remarkable contribution they made, much of which has never before been revealed.

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