Treasure Island



Cengage Learning, Inc
FORMAT: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781410417251
RRP: £15.50
PAGES: 313
PUBLICATION DATE: August 16, 2009


Treasure Island

By (author) Robert Louis Stevenson

“Hear It Read It with Audio CD” In one of the best-loved classic tales for children, Jim Hawkins joins a voyage to recover long-lost treasure after finding a mysterious chest with a pirate’s map inside. But the infamous Long John Silver and his crew are after the very same loot. When Long John Silver plans a mutiny with the ship’s crew, Jim must fight to save his life and the boat. Even if Jim finds the treasure, will he make it home alive? Hear Treasure Island read by actor Jasper Britton. With the included CD you can HEAR the entire book, word for word, READ ALONG with the CD or READ the story on your own. Each HEAR IT READ IT classic presents the world’s greatest stories in an easy-to-read abridged format. The included CD contains a dramatic reading-with music and sound effects-that matches the text, word for word, so children of all ages and reading levels can read along. HEAR IT READ IT classics give young readers the best possible introduction to the world’s timeless tales.

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