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FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910258866
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 208
PUBLICATION DATE: September 6, 2018


You Should Have Been Here Last Week: Sharp Cuttings from a Garden Writer

By (author) Susan Palmer

An amusing and thought-provoking compendium of columns, articles, essays and reviews from this acute, knowledgeable and irreverent commentator.In a career that has ranged from Country Life to Wallpaper* â spanning the full range between the two, and latterly including the Daily Telegraph and the New York Times â Tim Richardson has gone, both intellectually and geographically, where few other garden writers dare to tread. There are no articles here about the best ways to grow sweet peas or potatoes: Tim is more likely to venture into the realms of art, philosophy or politics.This collection contains articles which have influenced the way we think about gardens â as well as one or two which proved too hot to handle and resulted in his being fired as a columnist.

Reviews of You Should Have Been Here Last Week: Sharp Cuttings from a Garden Writer

"Noone writes better than the English gardening scene than Tim Richardson. He has a formidable range of reference and a brilliant way with words." — Anna Pavord "Tim Richardson is our most critically intelligent, observant and humorous garden historian." — David Sexton "Witty and full of perceptive comment." * Times Literary Supplement * "A collection of lively articles by one of the most intelligent garden critics writing today. Richardson is not afraid to prod, tease and question received opinion." — Caroline Donald * Sunday Times * "Informed criticism of what contemporary designers are up to is hard to find, but you can depend on Tim Richardson – the best, indeed almost the only, garden polemicist we've got." — Ursula Buchan * Spectator * "A collection of short pieces by the marvellously opinionated, self-assured author and historian Tim Richardson…genuinely stimulating." — Jane Powers * Sunday Times Ireland * "There is lots of meat (or maybe high quality protein, if you prefer) in these short pieces – plenty to think about, discuss, and to challenge your thinking about gardening. And he is a good writer rich in quotable passages, sometimes cutting, controversial even. It is worth buying, this book and it is not even expensive. I wish there was more garden writing of this quality." * Tikorangi Garden blog, New Zealand * "Incisive, witty, opinionated and thought-provoking, its subject matter is engagingly eclectic." — Fionnuala Fallon * Irish Times * "The most independent, thoughtful, challenging gardening critic writing now. Every article here makes entertaining reading as well as being well worth pondering." — David Sexton * Evening Standard Best Gardening Books of 2016 * "A hugely entertaining read with pieces that provide just the right amount of venom" * Gardens Illustrated * "Here is a collection of articles, essays, reviews and columns written for various publications between 2004 and 2015, on a huge variety of subjects. Some are amusing, some thought-provoking and some are downright contentious. All are worth reading. Tim Richardson is a practiced writer and reviewer of gardens, styles of gardening, designers, and gardeners both living and historic… whether you agree with his views or not, there's no denying he expresses himself clearly and persuasively." * The Professional Gardener * "If you want a book to dip into, there is always something interesting to find. And if you want to be amused, exasperated or challenged, then read the lot. The most important thing is that on every page, Richardson takes gardens and gardening seriously." * Thinkin Gardens * "Wide-ranging..Lots of food for thought" * The Irish Garden (Pick of the Month) * "The perfect book for the Christmas stocking – small, compact and a little treasure. It is a collection of Tim Richardson's columns, articles, essays and reviews and they are, first and foremost, entertaining but also informative and thought provoking. Tim Richardon's style is witty, insightful, provocative and, above all, enjoyable and fun to read. I loved it! Loved it!" * Irish Garden Plant Society blog * "His topics (targets?) are many and varied always spot-on, erudite and beautifully written. I could tempt you with a hundred nuggets but I won't, because every HORTUS reader should leave his armchair right now and go out to buy a copy – preferably from an independent bookseller. You will not be disappointed." — David Wheeler * Hortus *

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