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‘Expansive as the universe / on winter’s longest night.’

This new book from Wild Goose, official publishers of the Iona Community, celebrates the change of seasons and reflects on the darkness and light of autumn and winter. These reflective poems are ‘a ticket and passport for a spiritual journey’ and can be used in a daily discipline or with groups.

Winter Night/Longest Night

On winter’s longest night
ebony stillness unfurls
a field of cosmic sequins
incomparably vast,
flung out sparkling,
granulated from some
mass of stuff
long since exploded.
I ponder galaxies,
each embracing
a hundred billion
shining, spinning suns.

My mind stumbles
in this darkness,
but catches itself
on the solid joy
of living in this galaxy,
whirling around
this little sun,
grateful for firm grasp
of infinitesimal smallness,
expansive as the universe
on winter’s longest night.


The Heart Is a Field

There is a dormant place
a fallowness in the heart
that awaits awakening,
awaits furrowing,
awaits some seed to be sown
that will take root,
send out tendrils,
fill inner life
with flowers and fruit.

Who will put hand
to that plough, not look back,
ignore stone or weed,
scatter that seed?
Pulsing with potential,
beating beatitude,
the heart is a field.
Who will till and sow
and gather into barns?

From Darkness to Eastering
By Bonnie B Thurston
Published by Wild Goose

This is a book about how, on a cosmic and a personal level, darkness gives way to light. It does not sugar-coat the reality of darkness but is full of hope, reminding voyagers that ‘light shines in the darkness’, that darkness is required to perceive light – and that Easter means the light has come, life triumphs, and the promised Holy Spirit will empower us for growth: ‘eastering’…

These reflective, prayerful poems are ‘a ticket and passport for a spiritual journey’ and can be used in a daily discipline or with groups.

‘For each traveller I pray journeying mercies,’ Bonnie Thurston writes. ‘And I remind pilgrims: Take heart. He will come.’

Having resigned a professorship and chair in New Testament studies, Bonnie Thurston now lives quietly as a solitary near Wheeling, West Virginia, USA, working as a spiritual director and retreat leader and volunteering in a food bank. She is the author of over 20 books.

‘You are in skilled hands here, so let yourself be carried along, ready to experience delight, or be jarred into discomfort. Above all ponder, weigh, take time. For each poem comes out of the quiet depths of a person who is a fellow pilgrim, illuminating the familiar with her own God-given insight.’

From Darkness to Eastering by Bonnie B Thurston is published in September by Wild Goose Publications.

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