‘As a translator, you are constantly practising this art of conversation by not imposing your own thoughts, not adapting the author’s words to your preconceived ideas, but rather turning towards the author, hosting them, allowing in that newness, all that strangeness, that multiplicity.’

Throughout the year we have been collaborating with A Year of Conversation with features on the issue of Translation as Conversation. For Book Week Scotland, we have gathered together all these pieces in one handy spot. Enjoy!


Our first feature was from Tom Pow, the Creative Director of A Year of Conversation. 

Next, we chatted to Kay Farrell from Sandstone Press about publishing the Man Booker International Winner, Celestial Bodies. (Though at the time it had only been shortlisted!)

Then, we had a feature from Jennie Erdal on her experiences of translation.

We spoke to Vagabond Voices next, who publish many translated works on their list. Publisher Allan Cameron wrote on why translating works of fiction is important for all readers.

Next, we spoke to Tom Pow again about the great Alistair Reid, a brilliant poet at the vanguard of literary translation.

Lastly, we spoke to Fionn Petch who translates for Edinburgh’s Charco Press on how travel and living abroad has helped with his translation skills.


For more information on A Year of Conversation, visit their website.

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