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‘Waves gently lapping Warm breezes cooling heat haze Perfect peacefulness.’

Emma Major has been inspiring many with her thoughtful and distinctive illustrations in her book, Little Guy, which offers a gentle path to finding a way through anxiety. She even found herself appearing on Grayson Perry’s Art Club during lockdown! Here, we share some of her illustrations with her own video explanations.


Little Guy
By Emma Major
Published by Wild Goose Publications


Little Guy Picture 4

Floating peacefully
Leaving stress and strain behind
Catching calmness



Little Guy Picture 6

Swinging thoughtfully
Breathing deeply; thinking likewise
Looking for uplift



Little Guy Picture 11

Singing joyfully
Not a care in the world
A lesson for me



Little Guy Picture 14

Waves gently lapping
Warm breezes cooling heat haze
Perfect peacefulness



Little Guy by Emma Major is published by Wild Goose Publications, priced £3.90.

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