Books - the most perfect bit of kit we've got. Whether you prefer audio, paperbacks or ePub files, in any time and in any place they can take you anywhere you want to go. You want laughs? Thrills? Knowledge? Reflection? Beauty? You'll get them all in a good book. So, as many of us will be taking time out our daily routines this month, BooksfromScotland are here, as ever, to recommend something special for you in your Time Out.

There has been a huge surge of interest in cycling over the COVID-19 lockdown as people have tried to curb their reliance on cars and public transport. In Gears for Queers, authors Abi Felton and Lili Cooper tell us that you don’t need to be consumed by all things lycra to challenge yourself to a memorable cycling adventure. BooksfromScotland chatted to them both about their recent experiences in cycling, writing and publishing.


Gears for Queers By Abigail Felton and Lilith Cooper Published by Sandstone Press


You’ve had quite the adventurous time of it over the last couple of years. Firstly, you both cycled (and camped!) across Europe and then you decided to write about the experience. How did these adventures come about?

Abi: When we started dating, we both talked about travelling, but neither of us were sure how we wanted it to look. For a while, I had been thinking about walking across Europe, and it was Lili who suggested we try cycling instead. I hadn’t been on a bike for about eight years before we met, so I knew it would be a steep learning curve, but I was up for giving it a go!

The opportunity to write the book came up when we were approached by Kay, an assistant publisher at Sandstone Press, based up in Inverness. She’d got hold of a few of our zines and asked us if we’d considered writing a book!


Did you always know that you would write about your trip?

Lili: Not at all! Or at least, not in the way we ended up writing about it. I kept a journal the whole way, and when we came back we started writing blog posts and zines about the tour, but really focusing on specific things like offering advice for folxs considering touring, or vegan campstove recipes. I think we probably wouldn’t have written a book about the trip without the push from Kay, and she r...


Everyone loves One Button Benny, so BooksfromScotland is delighted that our favourite robot is back for another adventure. What gigantic catastrophe is about to trouble Benny? You can see in our taster below. And will Benny be able to save the day? You’ll have to pick up a copy of the book to find out!


One Button Benny and the Gigantic Catastrophe By Alan Windram Published by Little Door Books





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