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”When the snaw faws, magic glisters in the air. Wan snawy day a laddie builds a Snawman and in the middle o the nicht the Snawman comes tae life.’

With so many gorgeous books for children being released this festive season, we had to gather them together here to give parents, grand-parents, friends and family all the gift inspiration you need for your little ‘uns. There be treasures here!


Feisty and Fiery and Fierce: Badass Celtic Women to Live Your Life by from Scotland, Ireland and Wales, by Mairi Kidd

Published by Black & White Publishing, £14.99

From prophets to photographers, artists to activists, Feisty and Fiery and Fierce is packed with powerful and punchy ‘her-stories’ celebrating seriously badass Celtic woman throughout history. This is a must on the bookshelf of anyone wanting to invite the feist of these inspirational firebrands into their life and live by their fearless lessons.



Òran Mo Sheanar, by Catrìona Lexy Chaimbeul

Published by Acair, £6.99

Le uisg is le grìan, bidh sinn uile a’ fàs. Gheibh sinn latha agus oidhche, gheibh sinn beatha is tàmh.” Seo an t-òran a bhios Seanair a’ gabhail a h-uile latha nuair a bhios e fhèin agus ogha a-muigh a’ cur sìol. Gabhaidh na bliadhnaichean seachad agus fàsaidh na craobhan nan coille fhad ‘s a dh’fhàsas am balach àrd agus làidir. Tha Seanair a’ fàs aosta agus às dèidh latha dòigheil, mus tèid e a ghabhail tàmh, bheir e am poca sìl do ogha. Tuigidh esan a-nise gum feum e cumail suas òran a sheanar.

A tender story about embracing the rhythms of nature and life, told through the relationship of a Grandfather and his grandson. Sown through seeds of song, love and a reverence in nature this is a beautiful tale about growing up and growing old and the riches that close bonds with loved ones and nature can bring.


The Laddie, the Mowdie, the Tod and the Cuddie, by Charlie Mackesy; translated by Matthew Fitt

Published by Luath Press, £16.99

The marvelous Matthew Fitt  brings to life in Scots Charlie Mackesy’s special book journeying with unlikely friends through their greatest life lessons. This heartwarming book holds hope at its core, exploring the thoughts and feelings that unite us all this is a read for all ages during these uncertain times.

A Gaelic edition is also available from Luath Press : An Gille, am Famh, an Sionnach ’s an T-each, translated by Johan Nic a’ Ghobhainn.



The Snawman: The Snowman in Scots, by Raymond Briggs; translated by Matthew Fitt

Published by Black & White Publishing, £7.99

‘When the snaw faws, magic glisters in the air.
Wan snawy day a laddie builds a Snawman and in the middle o the nicht the Snawman comes tae life.’

This classic tale and all its magic is given a new lease of life, with a whole lot of love, in Scots by celebrated Scots translator Matthew Fitt. Spend Christmas with everyone’s favourite Snowman and tak yersel on a magical journey tae the North Pole and hame again!



The Nicht Afore Christmas: the much-loved yuletide tale in Scots, by Irene McFarlane; illustrated by Rosemary Cunningham

Published by Tippermuir Books, £6.99


Taw faithers and wan big surprise! Faither Yuletide catches another faither aff guard when he arrives in Scotland, close to the end of his annual journey round the world. This beautifully-illustrated book is an imaginative translation in Scots of the classic Christmas poem, ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’.




The Griffin Gate, by Vashti Hardy, illustrated by Natalie Smillie

Published by Barrington Stoke, £6.99

From Blue Peter Book Award-winner Vashti Hardy, this family fantasy adventure will transport its readers to a world like no other. Using the Giffin Map teleport technology Grace’s family fights crime across Moreland. Grace is told she is still too young to take on a mission, but when an opportunity comes along to prove herself, Grace seizes it with both hands and refuses to let go even when she realizes she has perhaps taken on more than she can handle.





The Girl Who Stole the Stars, by Corinna Campbell

Published by Little Door Books, £6.99

This special seasonal tale is sure to be a festive favorite. Bringing themes of friendship, love, happiness, and doing the right thing alive through beautiful illustrations that touch the heart of every reader, Corrina Campbell shows she is just as much the shining star as all those that sparkle and gleam in her glowing debut.



Hans Christian Anderson in Scots, by Martin Waddell; edited by James Robertson and Matthew Fitt; introduction by Julia Donaldson; illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

Published by Black & White Publishing, £12.99

Newly translated into Scots and gloriously illustrated, this enchanting collection of beloved Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales will entertain and delight readers of all ages. Featured favorites include Princess and the Pea, the Ugly Duckling, the Emperor’s New Clothes, the Little Mermaid and the Nightingale, among other best-loved stories, and will be a seasonal sensation.



Norbert the Winter Gnome, by Daniela Drescher

Published by Floris Books, £7.99

Full of friendship and kindness, this book is bursting with seasonal detail and delight and will capture the heart of young readers everywhere. Winter brings with it a thick blanket of snow making food hard to find for the forest animals. But Norbert the Winter Gnome takes a trek through the frozen forest bringing with him a delicious gift for each of his animal friends.




An Illustrated Collection of Fairy Tales for Brave Children, by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen; illustrated by Scott Plumbe

Published by Floris Books, £14.99

Gathering together a stunning collection of darkly magical tales, discover seven classic and emboldening stories championing courageous children facing their fears. This book is the perfect gift for bold and brave bairns everywhere.




Two Pups, by Seona Calder

Published by Sparsile Books, £4.99

A delightful and beautifully accessible book for any early reader exploring hard-to-explain concepts. Delicately delving into ideas of difference and diversity through the tale of an unlikely friendship, this is a must have for any early reader’s book collection, celebrating what makes us different as well as what connects us.



Ella Fitzgerald, by Stéphane Ollivier, illustrated by Rémi Courgeon

Published by Moonlight Publishing, £15.99

Capturing key moments from the incredible life of jazz queen, Ella Fitzgerald, as well as 13 of the singer’s most memorable recordings, this book and accompanying CD offers insights into Ella’s epic rise to stardom. Inspirational reading for any young singer.


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