Jane Duncan

Elizabeth Jane Cameron was born in Renton in West Dunbartonshire in 1910, and wrote novels under the pseudonym Jane Duncan. She is best known for her My Friends series of books, but also wrote other novels and some children’s books.

She spent much of her childhood at her grandparents’ croft in the Black Isle; the croft was fictionalised as Reachfar in her novels. Duncan studied English at the University of Glasgow. During the Second World War she worked as an intelligence officer in the RAF, and after the war she lived in Jamaica, returning to Scotland in 1958. Her first novels were written while she was living in Jamaica, the first of which, My Friends the Miss Boyds, was published in 1959. The My Friends novels were narrated by the character of Janet Sandison – a name used as a pseudonym for herself for some of her other novels. Duncan also wrote an autobiography, Letter from Reachfar, which explored the relationship between her fiction and her real life.

Duncan’s children’s novels featured the Cameron family, and like her other novels were semi-autobiographical in nature.

Jane Duncan died in 1976, and is buried in Kirkmichael graveyard.

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