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Jenni Calder

Scottish literary historian and novelist Jenni Calder was born in Chicago, but has lived and worked in Scotland since 1971. Schooled in both the US and the UK, she married Scottish critic Angus Calder after meeting in Cambridge. She is the daughter of literary historian David Daiches.

Her own writing includes literary criticism of Walter Scott, RL Stevenson, and others, and her acclaimed biography of RLS, Robert Louis Stevenson: A Life Study, was published in 1980. She has edited a number of poetry anthologies, and has written a series of books on the Scottish diaspora, such as Scots in Canada and Scots in the USA.

Calder has held numerous positions in Scotland, including Head of Publications at the National Museums of Scotland, and is currently president of Scottish PEN. Her most recent works include an autobiography, Not Nebuchandezzar, and Frontier Scots.

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