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Joyce Holms

Joyce Holms is a Scottish crime fiction writer. She grew up in Glasgow, and now lives and works in Edinburgh. Prior to her writing career, she had worked in hospitality, managing a hotel and later a B&B. Holms has been writing since her twenties, when she started with short stories, then historical romances, before moving to crime fiction in the 1990s. Her romantic fiction had been criticised by her editor as “this is not a romance- it’s a romp!”. Her crime fiction is considered to be more humorous than most. The Fizz and Buchanan series, beginning with Payment Deferred, was first published in 1996. The series features law student Fizz Fitzpatrick and lawyer Tam Buchanan, and is set in Edinburgh.

Joyce Holms also teaches creative writing and gives workshops and classes to writing groups, readers’ groups and schools. Many of her books are available in the USA, under the Bloody Brits imprint.

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