ISBN: 9780340823668
PAGES: 394 p.


Cuckoo In The Nest

In Nora Kay’s magical new novel, the delightful Chalmers family faces upheaval and heartbreak when a young girl bursts into their lives. When Linda Chalmers hears her best friend from college has died her whole life changes forever: She finds herself the guardian of precocious fifteen-year old Jennifer. Ignoring her mother Kirsty’s warnings and her family’s reluctance Linda brings the young girl back with her to Dundee to prevent her being sent to a foster home. She believes Jennifer to be a victim of her past and is determined to ensure that she is made to feel welcome in her family. The rest of the family are unsure what to make of the sullen girl thrown into their midst. When Jennifer shows that she has no intention of settling for the lifestyle set out for her, tensions begin to rise. Spoilt, selfish and beautiful, dreaming of wealth and fame, Jennifer won’t let anything, or anyone, stand in her way. She can only cause heartbreak for herself and those who have taken this cuckoo into their nest.

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