FORMAT: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781912280445
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 224
PUBLICATION DATE: August 26, 2021


Even the Birds Grow Silent

By (author) Alex Nye

Meet Death, as you have never met her before.Even the Birds Grow Silent is a collection of narrative fragments told by Death herself.Death feels she gets a very bad press nowadays, and is keen to tell her side of the story.From singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, to writer Virginia Woolf, to the tragic life of Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days’ Queen, Death has walked in their shadows and now, for the first time, shares her insights on them.She was there at the dawn of time, when the first cave paintings were created, and she will be with us until the end.However, she does have one final surprise up her sleeve…

Reviews of Even the Birds Grow Silent

Arguing with the Dead; 'A clear-eyed and sensitive portrait of Mary Shelley and the often chaotic forces that made her.' — Lesley McDowell. 'Arguing with the Dead is as complete a portrait if Mary Shelley as you're going to find within the fiction genre … If you enjoy historical fiction, if you enjoy gothic fiction, if you've simply an interest in feminism and the part historical forces have to play in shaping our current world you could do a lot worse than reading this book.' 5* @ebookaddictsuk. 'It is very clever indeed and absolutely comes across as a work of passion and heart and I am extremely grateful to have read it.' @RACHELb75. Darker Ends; 'Some beautiful writing that will endure well with both young and old, Alex Nye has a great touch when it comes to characters and an even better one when it comes to painting a stark and haunting landscape to pit them against. Terrific imagery and a real sense of menace plus a hefty hit of emotion that is enough but not too much made this a really really good read.' — Liz Loves Books When We Get Too The Island; 'I have to recommend When We Get To The Island as it (is) without question one of those well written stories that delivers.' Goodreads Bookread2day.

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