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FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781405239660
RRP: £6.99
PAGES: 288


Fat Boy Swim

By (author) Catherine Forde

From award-winning author, Catherine Forde, comes Fat Boy Swim, a story that will make you realise that anything is possible. Jimmy Kelly is fat. Lardy. Ginormous. Clinically obese. Inside, Jimmy doesn’t feel like Smelly Kelly, Fat Boy Fat. He’s just normal. His bedroom’s a pit. His feet stink. He hates getting up on school mornings. If any of his classmates bothered to talk to him, instead of slagging him off, they’d find he was just as clued up as they were on films, on books, on telly, even on sport. But he wouldn’t tell them that his secret talent is cooking. And Jimmy has another secret that even he doesn’t know yet. A secret that will change him forever. Catherine Forde – author of Sugarcoated, Skarrs and Firestarter returns with a brilliant, bittersweet story of first love, forgiveness and a family coming to terms with the past. A gripping, emotive and insightful book for young adults. “Powerful, empowering …crackles with teenage anger and pain” – The Times “Should be force-fed to every secondary school child in the country” – The Sunday Telegraph “This is a moving, tumultuous, roller-coaster, acid-etched story (with) a galaxy of distinctive, memorable characters” – Bookseller

Reviews of Fat Boy Swim

"* On Fat Boy Swim, The Times said: 'Powerful, empowering… crackles with teenage anger and pain'; The Sunday Telegraph said: (this book) 'should be force-fed to every secondary school child in the country'; Bookseller said: 'This is a moving, tumultuous, roller-coaster, acidetched story (with) a galaxy of distinctive, memorable characters.' * On Tug of War the Independent said: 'Another gripping story… from an author who never disappoints'; Books for Keeps said: 'A raw and perceptive story'; Sunday Telegraph said 'Delicious'. * On Firestarter the Bookseller said: 'A gripping and edgy thriller that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.' * On The Drowning Pond the Guardian said: 'Bitingly plausible… a gripping page-turner'; the Glasgow Herald said: 'Expertly crafted… characters full of bite.' * On Skarrs the Guardian said: 'A novel that is both troubling and inspirational.'"

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