FORMAT: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781474437929
RRP: £19.99
PAGES: 248
PUBLICATION DATE: November 30, 2020


Global Justice and Climate Governance: Bridging Theory and Practice

By (author) Alix Dietzel

This book evaluates the global response to climate change from a cosmopolitan justice perspective. Going above and beyond existing studies, Dietzel neatly illustrates that climate justice theory can be used to normatively assess and compare both state (multilateral) and non-state (transnational) climate change governance – or, in other words, that theory and practice can be bridged. Investigating the role of states, cities, corporations, and non-governmental organisations in the post-Paris Agreement era, Dietzel provides fresh insight into the ‘big picture’ of climate change (mis)management and the injustices that come along with it. These insights allow her to make recommendations for change that should be of keen interest to climate justice scholars and climate governance practitioners alike.

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