Jim Hewitson’s Original Scots Miscellany



FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781902927848
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 160
PUBLICATION DATE: October 7, 2003


Jim Hewitson’s Original Scots Miscellany

By (author) Jim Hewitson

Jim Hewitson’s Scotland is a gey strange place. And this broth of off-cuts from the past, contemporary attitudes, outlandish lists, absurd tables, historical and hysterical trivia and off-the-wall observations is certainly one of the most curious Scottish books of the new millennium. In it, facts and figures collide with couthy anecdotes and unlikely yarns, all of which are shot through with that mystical ingredient which Jim has been trying to drag to the surface for thirty years: Scottishness. – What are the ten most obscure clan mottoes? – Which is the wettest place in Scotland? – What are the most frequently used reponses to Scotland’s beggers? – And is the Glasgow Underground haunted? By the time you’ve got to the end of this miscellany, you’ll be no nearer finding out who you are but you will be able to answer a thousand questions which no one has ever thought to ask before.

Reviews of Jim Hewitson’s Original Scots Miscellany

'My father did tell me I came from Covenanter stock and that Robbie Burns once bought one of my ancestors a drink. Turns out our Covenanters were actually sheep rustlers and apparently the bold Burns left the bar without paying. But I am not downhearted.' Jim Hewitson

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