FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781365802980
RRP: £8.59
PAGES: 100
PUBLICATION DATE: March 20, 2017


Klassik Komix: Gaslight Gallery

By (author) Mini Komix

Klassik Komix gets gothic with Gaslight Gallery. Blending fantasy & alternate history, this steampunk spinoff genre focuses on the darker parts of the Victorian Era. In this eerie collection of comics, Sherlock Holmes takes the case of Gloria Scott, Frankenstein gets a date for his creator, an eccentric collector buys an Egyptian artifact, Spring-Heeled Jack is spoofed, a thief steals for a sexy sorceress, the final fate of Jack the Ripper, Lord Dunsay recounts Two Bottles of Relish, a grave robber time travels in Treasure of the Tomb, a night out turns into an encounter with Dracula, The Vengeful Corpse haunts his killer, a catgirl takes a man through various incarnations in The 9th Life, a detective solves the secret of Snaggle Castle, and a turn-of the century slasher known as The Hacker Is Back! Featuring artwork by Jack Davis, Steve Ditko, Slaba Eryce, Bill Everett, Gardner Fox, Joe Gill, Leo O’Mealia, Steve Skeates, Alex Toth, & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! 100 Big Pages!

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