ISBN: 9780955099304
PAGES: 256 p.


My Most Chosen Friends

This is a story of love and friendship, centred on Johnny and Anne and their circle of friends, whose first contact with one another is during their 1930s’ schooldays. As their lives unfold we embark with them on the joys and sorrows of adult life in a world driven by war. The chances of life and the dictates of history direct them on their separate ways, in a tapestry that stretches from the Caribbean to the war-torn fields of Nazi Europe. In mood and spirit, the narrative recalls a seemingly simpler age, not yet acquainted with the jet engine, the PC, motorways, mobile phones and missions to the stars. It’s a passionate call for peace and sets its face against a cruel violent world afflicted by war, and affirms again that a renewal in faith and compassion is the only salvation for our human frailty.

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