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PUBLICATION DATE: December 19, 2016



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Nation in Transit: A Manifesto for Post-Brexit Britain

By (author) Phil Anderson

In 2011, the borough of Thurrock in Essex stepped into the national spotlight when it came bottom of the national league table for life satisfaction. By 2015 that disaffection and anger had boiled over into political insurrection, and Thurrock led Britain out of the door of the EU with one of the highest `leave’ votes in the country.Starting from the underlying causes of the mass dissatisfaction that brought us to here, this book spells out a clear vision for what a post-Brexit Britain should look like. From unemployment to immigration, council estates to the banking industry, and local communities to the global environment, it takes a long, hard look at what really creates the conditions for people and communities to flourish and why we’re just not feeling it as a nation. The answers combine radical political ideas with grass roots Essex reality; because if the solutions don’t work for White Van Man then they probably won’t work at all.

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