FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9780857529046
RRP: £16.99
PAGES: 400


Our Hideous Progeny

By (author) C.E. McGill

Mary is the great-niece of Victor Frankenstein. She knows her great uncle disappeared in mysterious circumstances in the Arctic but she doesn’t know why or how…

The 1850s is a time of discovery and London is ablaze with the latest scientific theories and debates, especially when a spectacular new exhibition of dinosaur sculptures opens at the Crystal Palace. Mary, with a sharp mind and a sharper tongue, is keen to make her name in this world of science, alongside her geologist husband Henry, but without wealth and connections, their options are limited.

But when Mary discovers some old family papers that allude to the shocking truth behind her great-uncle’s past, she thinks she may have found the key to securing their future… Their quest takes them to the wilds of Scotland, to Henry’s intriguing but reclusive sister Maisie, and to a deadly chase with a rival who is out to steal their secret…

Reviews of Our Hideous Progeny

In this gothic adventure, debut novelist McGill builds on Shelley's iconic story by adding sharp-minded female protagonist Mary, who sets out to discover the truth about her great-uncle Victor Frankenstein's disappearance in the Arctic. ― STYLIST, 'The best new feminist retellings of classic stories to read in 2023'

Our Hideous Progeny takes inspiration from Mary Shelley's masterpiece along with the Victorian fascination with scientific innovation and the prehistoric world. This wonderful debut evolves into a gripping Gothic tale of grief and ambition, passion and intrigue. ― JESS KIDD, author of THE NIGHT SHIP

A wonderful book; dark, passionate, multi-layered and rich with enticing detail. ― JOANNE HARRIS, author of CHOCOLAT and THE STRAWBERRY THIEF

Compelling and utterly absorbing, Our Hideous Progeny is an artfully crafted debut that echoes the dark essence of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein while maintaining a fascinating originality all of its own. ― SUSAN STOKES-CHAPMAN, author of PANDORA

Darkly brilliant and sumptuously gothic, this atmospheric debut left me reeling ― C.J. COOKE, author of THE LIGHTHOUSE WITCHES

A fantastic read: I felt everything about Mary, her simmering anger and her intellectual delight, so very clearly. ― FREYA MARSKE, author of THE LAST BINDING TRILOGY

Exquisitely written, brimming with imagery both beautiful and shocking, this daring debut makes the rivalries of the Victorian scientific establishment thrilling and urgent, bringing us a story worthy of Mary Shelley. ― SEAN LUSK, author of THE SECOND SIGHT OF ZACHARY CLOUDESLEY

A gut busting adventure to escape into. I loved it. Loved the setting, the characters, the high stakes. What an exceptionally talented writer. Can't wait to talk about this to everyone. ― ERICKA WALLER, author of DOG DAYS

Witty, dark and sharp as a scalpel, it's a dazzling exploration of the macabre ambitions of Victorian science and a moving meditation on grief. C.E. McGill brilliantly captures what it's like to be a woman in a man's world. ― LIZZIE POOK, author of MOONLIGHT AND THE PEARLER'S DAUGHTER

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