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Principles of Geospatial Surveying

By (author) Arthur L. Allan

This important new book replaces the author’s highly successful Practical Surveying and Computations and has been completely recast to accord with modern practices of geospatial surveying.Although much has changed in the profession of geospatial surveying, the same basic geometrical principles still apply – as does the need for instrumental calibration, its proper application, the suitable analysis of data and the presentation of results to users. Although the hands-on nature of day-to-day work has almost disappeared, to be replaced by rapid turnkey systems of amazing sophistication, the geospatial surveyor still has to plan and organise the work and above all remains responsible to the client for its outcome, and must be able to defend the work if necessary.Since most practical work is carried out by prescribed systems and processed by software packages, the book concentrates on those essential principles which the user needs to know, if the results are to be verified and assessed with understanding and wisdom. The text outlines the fundamentals of geospatial surveying including relevant worked examples that make liberal use of Excel spreadsheets. The mathematical treatment relates directly to those topics found in the author’s successful textbook, Maths for Map Makers.

Reviews of Principles of Geospatial Surveying

'This book is a worthwhile for every survey practice. It covers most of the core surveying material a surveyor would have encounted in their tertiary studies in one book. … The numerous worked examples throughout the book add greatly to its value as a reference book for any surveyor.' AZIMUTH ——————– '…this latest volume will be used as a reference book that will stand as a basic introduction to surveying principles and practice without becoming dated by technology. … …this book is an excellent reference book for both surveying students and experienced professionals. … I have no hesitation in recommending Principles of Geospatial Surveying as an ideal reference book for the library of surveying firms, university lecturers or of students.' Journal of Spatial Science ——————– ' …provides a novel and refreshing approach to the subject at hand. … …this text provides a very usable overarching companion for almost every stage of modern degree programme in the field of geospatial surveying. … …the book should have broad appeal amongst practitioners as a comprehensive reference text.' Survey Review

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