Little, Brown Book Group
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9780349118772
RRP: £6.99
PAGES: 320
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2, 2004


Quite Ugly One Morning

By (author) Christopher Brookmyre

Yeah, yeah, the usual. A crime. A corpse. A killer. Heard it. Except this stiff happens to be a Ponsonby, scion of a venerable Edinburgh medical clan, and the manner of his death speaks of unspeakable things. Why is the body displayed like a slice of beef? How come his hands are digitally challenged? And if it’s not the corpse, what is that awful smell? A post-Thatcherite nightmare of frightening plausibility, QUITE UGLY ONE MORNING is a wickedly entertaining and vivacious thriller, full of acerbic wit, cracking dialogue and villains both reputed and shell-suited.

Reviews of Quite Ugly One Morning

Thrillingly unpleasant ESQUIRE A sharp, funny novel, with strong characters and some smart dialogue TLS A wicked satire…excellent plotting and a goodly amount of acidic one-liners THE SCOTSMAN a great title and a thrillingly unpleasant murder mytery. ESQUIRE

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