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FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781940743714
RRP: £21.50
PAGES: 300
PUBLICATION DATE: August 29, 2018


Seeking Savannah

By (author) Peter Cookson Smith

A disparate but exuberant group of scholars are brought together in Savannah by an eminent professor to explore and debate the history and characteristics of the city and its implications for a twenty-first century urbanism. This narrative represents a forceful and humorous interplay between formal discussion, informal interludes, irreverent comments, and less than academic relationships. Its serious purpose is to identify the urban challenges facing America in terms of containing and consolidating growth within livable communities. However like all such participatory events it is also an opportunity for informal personal agendas set against a backdrop of real life events. The text is interspersed with 90 drawings of Savannah, illustrating its unique and multi-layered identity as a potential urban paradigm for the future.

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