FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781845022280
RRP: £4.99
PUBLICATION DATE: September 26, 2008


Tallulah and the Teenstars

By (author) Clare Grogan

WOW! The noise was deafening as the audience roared their approval.Tallulah Gosh, lead singer with Tallulah and the Teenstars stepped forward to the microphone. But as she went to announce the band’s next song and brand new single, ‘Baby I Don’t Bebo’, she was interrupted – ‘Teresa, hurry up, your tea’s on the table,’ shouted her always busy mum from downstairs.Tallulah Gosh is Teresa Gordon – an ordinary girl living in an ordinary street. In fact, she feels almost invisible to the world. Except, of course, when she’s in her bedroom. There she becomes lead singer with the biggest and best band in the world. But things are about to change – Tallulah is about to step out of her imagination and her bedroom and into the real world. She and her brilliant band are about to take the school talent contest and more by storm. A feat all the more surprising when you know that Tallulah and her bandmates feature pretty highly in the school’s ‘Least Likely To Succeed’ list.But can they all remain friends when overnight success propels them beyond their wildest bedroom dreams and ordinary becomes a thing of the past. “Tallulah and the Teenstars” are about to find out.

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