FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781870325431
RRP: £60.00
PAGES: 288
PUBLICATION DATE: April 20, 2005


Testing of Ceramics in Construction: v.2

Edited by G. J. Edgell

A guide to testing the main ceramic elements used in the construction industry. Standard tests on fundamental products such as bricks, tiles and pipes are described and how these translate into practical procedures. The majority of authors have been involved in the drafting of Europe-wide standards, resulting in authoritative statements about the choice of test procedures, the state of the art, level of compromise and areas where no compromise is possible. This is a thorough treatment of European practice which finds acceptance worldwide. Chapters covering larger elements such as walls, full-scale tests, as well as model and accelerated testing, are included. Tests concentrate mainly on new products or structures and techniques for dealing with the performance and condition of existing structures are included, as are codes and standards by which brick masonry is designed and described. The future role of test method development using IT is discussed with its associated potential benefits.

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