FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781785300875
RRP: £7.99
PAGES: 256
PUBLICATION DATE: February 2, 2017


The Damselfly

By (author) Sji Holliday

Katie Taylor is the perfect student. She is bright, funny, and has a boyfriend who adores her. She’s just had a very handy windfall of cash, and there are only a few months left of school before she can swap the small town of Banktoun for the bright lights of London. But she doesn’t make it that far …Because Katie is dead. Polly McAllister has left her husband and returned to Banktoun to make amends. She wants to start afresh with the father of her unborn child – but she’s got to tell him, first. She’s thrown in at the deep end with her job as school counsellor, and it’s not long before she uncovers a multitude of murky secrets. Katie had enemies. Katie’s boyfriend is not so squeaky clean. DC Louise Jennings has a crush on a colleague: her new partner. Fresh from training, Detective Sergeant Davie Gray must work with Jennings to unravel the latest dark mystery in a town blighted by tragedy. Katie’s brother has a mysterious friend. But it’s OK. He’s only imaginary. Isn’t he? With the community enveloped in angry turmoil, Gray and Jennings must find out who murdered Katie, before someone takes matters into their own hands. Trial by social media. A baying mob.But they’ve got the wrong man…Because the real killer is closer than you think.

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