FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781849950879
RRP: £14.99
PAGES: 144
PUBLICATION DATE: February 19, 2013


Three Men on the Way Way: A Story of Walking the West Highland Way

By (author) Hamish M. Brown

The West Highland Way is Scotland’s first official Long Distance Route and runs near 100 miles from Milngavie to Fort William. It was nicknamed the ‘Way Way’ by a trio from Fife who set off to walk it in the year of the Millennium. This is not a guidebook but an account of their experiences, the highs and lows which any challenge presents of their marvellous, surprising, amusing and weird memories. They met many hundreds of people along the way but, naturally, those they recall were the more eccentric. Although the trio never managed another bigger trip together they realize how lucky, and wise, they had been to grab the chance when it came. There is remarkably pleasant rural walking at the start to reach the Highlands at Loch Lomond, fine woodland on its banks and later, the contrast of lonely, empty miles across Rannoch Moor, the Devil’s Staircase and the great pass of the Lairig Mor to finish. Encounters with other people are an important part of Long Distance Routes. Anyone who has walked the Way Way (or is planning to do so) will enjoy this story, bringing back plenty of similar memories of people and places, adventures and misadventures.The illustrations too give a wonderful idea of the rich variety of country traversed and well capture the atmosphere of this walk through Scotland’s fine landscapes.

Reviews of Three Men on the Way Way: A Story of Walking the West Highland Way

'Many books have been written about the West Highland Way. Few are joyous, or enjoyable, as this one. … Our three protagonists are clearly fitter and more experienced than many who walk the West Highland Way, but their hillwalking background tends to make them fairly relaxed about detailed route planning, and as interested in diversions to mountain tops and (especially) pubs as in the precise line of the walk itself.Combine this with the fascinating interplay of three very different characters and the sometimes weird and often wonderful people they encounter, and the result is by turns whimsical, amusing and thought provoking. … The result is a book which engages you at the beginning, and keeps you engaged and amused all the way through.' Undiscovered Scotland 'This is not to be missed if you're planning your own adventure down this legendary trail.' The Great Outdoors '… you will enjoy this gentle tale of the Physician, the Blacksmith and the Museum Curator. … The book is greatly enhanced by the historical snippets slipped in by Hamish Brown and by the short, but informative appendices on Wade and Caulfeild, and the 1889 Rannoch Moor fiasco. …will prove a welcome and informative companion on the Way Way'. Loose Scree 'A livelt account of three friends, the people they meet, and most importantly an adventure shared. There are plenty of interesting snippets of historical detail about the route too… …if you've already walked the "Way Way", hopefully Hamish's tale will bring back some happy memories'. Scotways …Hamish Brown, has added another volume to his considerable contribution to Scottish outdoor literature with his light-hearted…account of a walk along the West Highland Way… …many who have walked the Way, or might be contemplating the journey, will find it fun and… quite imformative'. Cothrom '…the entertaining tale of three friends' incredible journey walking the West Highland Way in Scotland… …a detailed account of the highs, lows and challenges the trio faced, looking back on their encounters, amusing memories and the rich variety of landscapes they crossed'. LandLove '…the book does give an interesting, and at times amusing, account of walking the West Highland Way. It should appeal to those who have already undertaken this challenging journey as well as anyone considering doing it in the future'. Scottish Home and Country

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