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Memories and Inspiration

‘On a whim, my father would turn onto a previously untravelled road, just to see where it might take us. We explored back roads and undistinguished hamlets, discovered stunning views and standing stones, came across pretty houses and mysterious ruins.’

Val McDermid is one of Scotland’s brightest literary stars with fans around the world captivated by her brilliant crime thrillers. Her latest book, My Scotland, sees her take a trip down memory lane, travelling around Scotland sharing the places that have meant a lot to her in life, and as inspiration for her books, all accompanied with beautiful photography by Alan McCredie.


My Scotland
By Val McDermid, with photographs by Alan McCredie
Published by Sphere


BooksfromScotland went to see both Val and Alan at the Bloody Scotland launch event in Stirling, and here, she reads from her chapter on Edinburgh, answers questions from the audience, and tells us more about the My Scotland project.




My Scotland by Val McDermid, with photographs by Alan McCredie, is published by Sphere, priced £20.00

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