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‘”If I look at the picture long enough, if I focus my mind on the whole and on the detail, I’ll find it. You know, the stillness.”‘

The great thing about thrillers is at they often play with or even break the conventions associated with the genre. Tom Gillespie’s novel The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce may start with the mysterious disappearance of Ella Boyce, but it becomes something entirely unexpected and surprising. We got in touch with Tom to talk more about his novel.


The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce
By Tom Gillespie
Published by Vine Leaves Press


Here, Tom introduces his novel The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce:

Tom gives us a reading:

Now, Tom talks about the theme of obsession in the novel:


The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce by Tom Gillespie is published by Vine Leaves Press, priced £9.99.

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