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Stewart Conn

Stewart Conn was born in Glasgow, grew up in Ayrshire (the setting for much of his early poetry) and has for many years lived in Edinburgh. From 2002-2005 he was the city’s inaugural Makar.

Among his publications are Stolen Light: Selected Poems, Ghosts at Cockcrow, a pamphlet The Loving-Cup, and as editor 100 Favourite Scottish Poems and 100 Favourite Scottish Love Poems. He has also published a memoir Distances, and a number of stage plays.

He has received awards from among others the Scottish Arts Council, Society of Authors and Poetry Book Society. He is a fellow of the RSAMD, and honorary president of Edinburgh’s Shore Poets.

“A sympathetic, if quite unsentimental, treatment of the natural world, or the rural one at least, does run throughout his poetry, but so do the themes of love, family relationships, the nature and power of art, and that time-honoured subject of poetry – the fragility and transitoriness of life itself” – DAVID McCORDICK, Scottish Literature in the 20th Century

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