FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781845021276
RRP: £5.99
PAGES: 160
PUBLICATION DATE: October 16, 2006


Glasgow Urban Myths

By (author) Ian Black

Urban myths are those stories that survive in the lack of any corroborating information, thrive in the face of their immense improbability and live on simply because it’s just more fun to believe them. And spiritual home to that freewheeling spirit of tall tales and unlikely wit is surely Glasgow. Glasgow urban myths, like the one about some Edinbuggers being occasionally pleasant, are as many and varied as Glaswegians themselves. And all the best are gathered in this collection of mirth and myth. Like the one about the young Glasgow woman whose nights in were spent bare naked and covered with peanut butter, enjoying the attentions of her hungry, willing pet dog; or the man from Greenock whose amorous intentions for a girl ultimately led to some very intimate contact, but unfortunately for him with a very unhappy lobster; or the one about the free night at the opera that seemed too good to be true, and really really was. “Glasgow Urban Myths” is full of all the hilarious stories that ever happened to the friend of a friend in Glasgow – hard truths and blatant lies, albeit in a sort of hit and myth style, but you will laugh and you will repeat them.

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