ISBN: 9780008229474
RRP: £12.99
PAGES: 384
PUBLICATION DATE: January 25, 2018


Once A Pilgrim

By (author) James Deegan

John Carr has recently left the SAS, after a long and distinguished career, and is now working for a Russian oligarch in the murky world of private security.

But an incident from his past – in which three terrorists were brutally killed – suddenly comes back to haunt him.

Tracked by a hitman out for revenge, John Carr is forced to step over the line to defend himself and his family. It’s a cruel and violent world and one he thought he’d left behind.

But some wars never end.

Patriot Games meets Taken: In Once A Pilgrim, John Carr shows all the Reacher-esque hallmarks of a cold-blooded antihero doing what needs to be done, whatever the consequences.

James Deegan MC is a fantastic new voice in the thriller genre, writing with unprecedented authority and authenticity.

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