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ISBN: 9781446495056
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PAGES: 176
PUBLICATION DATE: August 31, 2011



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The Dream Master

By (author) Theresa Breslin

‘There are always rules …I am the Dream Master. Not you. What I say goes. And I say this dream is gone, so beat it.’ There are good dreams and there are rotten dreams, but once they’re over, they’re over. Or are they? For one morning, as Cy is about to wake up from a terrific dream about Ancient Egypt, he discovers that he can get back into his dream world. There’s just one problem: the Dream Master, who isn’t used to stroppy boys standing up to him and wanting to break all the rules. And as Cy moves back and forth between the present day and the land of the pharaohs – sorting out all kinds of problems with schoolwork and bullies – dream life and real life become ingeniously intertwined!

Reviews of The Dream Master

"Pacy, clever and entertaining with a surprising denouement" The Sunday Times "Engaging fantasy … Treads assuredly the line between thrills and laughs" Observer "There is a unique quality about the moment when one slips into a dream. Theresa Breslin catches it beautifully in this delightful novel" Glasgow Herald "An exhilarating read with much to ponder over – it plays with images and reversals, shifts in time, dream and reality, and with the elusiveness of these concepts in an entertaining way while also expounding the value of trust and friendship" Books for Keeps

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