FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781845027056
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 224
PUBLICATION DATE: November 1, 2013


The Herald Diary: Fur Goodness’ Sake!: 2013

By (author) Ken Smith

There are big questions being asked in Scotland this year. Should Scotland become independent? When will the economy improve? And what happened to the sun? For readers of The Herald, the country’s leading quality newspaper, there were other questions which were being asked in the newspaper’s Diary column. Do you remember being belted at school? Did you have a good Burns Supper this year? And should we go for a pint on the way home? The sheer daftness of day-to-day life and the hilarious tales of work, home, the pub, travel and relationships were told in the daily Herald column, and the very best of them have been rounded up for this year’s Diary book, which tells of the funny things that happen to Scots the world over. And being Scotland, there might be a little bit of fitba’ in there as well.

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