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ISBN: 9781906000790
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PUBLICATION DATE: March 14, 2015



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Wee Scotch Whisky Tales

By (author) Ian R. Mitchell

A short and entertaining guide by writer and broadcaster Ian R Mitchell of some previously unpublished stories about Scotch whisky dealing with obscure local history and how family connections took the art and draft to New Zealand. The close association that Robert Burns had with whisky is explained and and some completely unknown Highland history of the cratur is revealed for the first time. The contents list is: 1. Ferintosh. Sadly Lost? 2. A Riot Creates the Whisky Island 3. The Whisky Wars in Scotland 4. The Strathdon Dram: The One That Got Away 5. The Deil’s Awa Wi’ Th’Exciseman: The Case of Malcolm Gillespie 6. The National Bard and The National Dram 7. Whisky’s Awa: The Rise and Fall of The Temperance Movement in Scotland 8. Lewis Whisky and the Case of the Illicit Still 9. The Last Distiller Had The Last Laugh 10. New Zealand Moonshine: The Hokonui Brand This book of wee Scotch whisky tales will engage and entertain. Best read in a comfy chair with a dram to hand.

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