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‘This is not just another Nessie tale, it’s a MONSTER story…’

The award-winning Little Door Books are carrying on their amazing publishing this Spring with gorgeous picture books delving into the lives of a whole range of critters! Keep an eye on their website too to download songs that will accompany the books on publication!


Cover of Monsters Unite


Monsters Unite
Written by Sara and Molly Sheridan
Illustrated by Iain Carroll


Best-selling author Sara Sheridan teams up with her daughter Molly to tell this fantastic and topical adventure about friendship and teamwork, and why discarding plastics and our waste in lochs, lakes and waterways is not good for us, the planet AND for all the monsters trying to visit their friends. Based on one of the stories Sara made up for Molly when she was a little girl, it also includes darkly quirky and fun illustrations by first-time picture book illustrator Iain Carroll.

When Nessie finds an ancient map showing a network of Monster tunnels, she decides to leave her high-profile life in Loch Ness and sets off on an adventure. She doesn’t know if there are other monsters out there or what the trip might hold, but she needn’t worry – from Tay Tay in Ireland to Pez in Spain – she discovers lots of new friends. The only trouble is that the tunnels are getting blocked with waste , so Nessie has to come up with a plan . . .



Cover of Crime Squirrel Investigators the Naughty Nut ThiefCrime Squirrel Investigators: The Naughty Nut Thief
Written by Emily Dodd
Illustrated by Giulia Cregut


Bestselling children’s author Emily Dodd brings her scientific background to this quirky, fun investigative tale that will encourage readers to play detective too! With brilliant illustrations by Giulia Cregut, you’ll learn too about the eating habits of all our woodland creatures.

Rosie’s secret hazelnut store has been ransacked and her best friend Charlie agrees to help her to find the naughty nut thief. The crime squirrel investigators only have left-over nutshells as a
clue, so they watch the different ways the three main suspects eat hazelnuts to try to solve the crime.



Cover of Daddy Frog and the Moon

Daddy Frog and the Moon
Written by Pippa Goodhart
Illustrated by Augusta Kirkwood


Award-winning author Pippa Goodhart comes together with an exciting new illustrator Augusta Kirkwood to produce this gentle and heartwarming tale about the growing relationship between a father who wants to give his child the moon, and the child who just wants to spend time with her daddy.

When Frog becomes Daddy Frog he longs to show his little Baby Frog just how much he loves her. As he searches for a present that will express his love, he misses out on special time shared with Baby Frog as she grows into a little frog … until his great leap to try to catch her the moon launches Baby Frog into the leaping she longs to do with her Daddy.


Find Little Door’s full collection of books on their website.

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