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Alistair Moffat

Alistair Moffat was born (in 1950) and raised in Kelso, in the Scottish Borders. He went to university in St Andrews, Edinburgh and London, and played rugby while he was in the Borders. He took over the running of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1976, a move that led to the publication of his first book, Edinburgh Fringe in 1978.

After he had finished as Fringe administrator he moved into the world of television, and quickly progressed through the ranks to become director of programmes at Scottish Television. After a period as Chairman of this same company, he moved back down to the Borders, a move that has inspired many books such as Kelsae: A History of Kelso From Earliest Times, a definitive look at the author’s home town.

Other books inspired by the region he grew up in are The Borders: A History of the Borders From Earliest Times and title The Reivers: The Story of the Border Reivers. This accompanied a six-part television series broadcast on ITV Border, and presented by Alistair Moffat himself. He is also credited with founding the Borders Book Festival in 2004. This takes place annually in Melrose, and is growing in popularity by the year.

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