FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781847671257
RRP: £8.99
PAGES: 320
PUBLICATION DATE: February 26, 2009


Being Emily

By (author) Anne Donovan

Things are never dull in the O’Connell family. Still, Fiona, squeezed between her quiet brother and her mischievous line-dancing twin sisters, thinks life in their tenement flat is far less interesting than Emily Bronte’s. But tragedy is not confined to Victorian novels. And life for Fiona in this happy domestic setup is about to change forever. Following the devastating events of a single day, her family can never be the same. But perhaps, new relationships will develop – built on a solid foundation of love. Moving, funny and ultimately heart-warming, “Being Emily” is a wonderful novel about one young girl trying to find her place in the world amid the turmoil that only your own family can create.

Reviews of Being Emily

* A tender, lyrical coming-of-age narrative, its people drawn with love in that singing Glasgow voice that is Donovan's signature — Stevie Davies Guardian * An endearing coming-of-age novel, provoking laughter and sadness in equal measure. — Leanne Kolirin Mslexia 20080501 * Donovan's novel is an accomplished family drama which is quirky and endearing. Don't wait until your next life to read it. SUNDAY HERALD * Her deliciously corkscrewed tale flows with the sap of everyday life. SUNDAY TIMES * Wonderfully fresh and moving. — Kate Saunders The Times 20080614 * Being Emily is so genuinely good-hearted, it's easy to warm to it. Rarely is Glasgow depicted so affectionately and if the family at the centre of the book is dysfunctional, there's no wallowing in misery for misery's sake. — The Arts Sunday Herald 20090222 * Donovan writes, in Glaswegian dialect, with an idiosyncratic and beguiling prose style that was so powerful in her debut novel, Buddha Da…She handles characters and plot with both toughness and tenderness, and depicts the pains and pleasures borne by the developing female artist. — Anita Sethi Independent on Sunday 20090308 * She handles characters and plot with both toughness and tenderness, and depitcs the pains and pleasures borne by the developing borne by the developing female artist. Independent on Sunday 20090308 Donovan writes with bittersweet amplomb. The Times 20090404

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