FORMAT: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781786894007
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 336
PUBLICATION DATE: August 15, 2019


Buddha Da

By (author) Anne Donovan

Anne Marie’s Da, a Glaswegian painter and decorator, has always been game for a laugh. So when he first tells his family that he’s taking up meditation at the Buddhist Centre in town, no one takes him seriously. But as Jimmy becomes more involved in his search for the spiritual his beliefs start to come into conflict with the needs of his wife, Liz, and cracks begin to form in their previously happy family.With grace, humour and humility Anne Donovan’s beloved debut tells the story of one man’s search for a higher power. But in his search for meaning, Jimmy might be about to lose the thing that matters most.

Reviews of Buddha Da

An enchanting novel in which ordinary lives are illuminated with extraordinary charm * * Daily Telegraph * * Her deliciously corkscrewed tale flows with the sap of everyday life * * Sunday Times * * A beauty . . . Had me engrossed to the end * * Sunday Telegraph * * Anne Donovan is outstanding — Melvyn Bragg Buddha Da reads like a Scottish Roddy Doyle, dealing with potentially heavy issues with an addictive blend of pathos and humour * * Observer * * Quirky and endearing. Don't wait until your next life to read it * * Sunday Herald * * A delightfully deadpan look at what happens when one family member decides that he's unlocked the secrets of the universe * * Independent * * An engaging account . . . Buddha Da recalls the early stories of Roddy Doyle . . . it has just enough humour to make the family compelling, and some delicate touches of insight – usually from Anne-Marie – that raise it above a suburban comedy — Katy Guest * * Independent * *

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