FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781847673459
RRP: £8.99
PAGES: 352


Buddha Da

By (author) Anne Donovan

In her hugely acclaimed debut Anne Donovan tells an endearing, humorous yet unsentimental story of a working-class Glaswegian man who discovers Buddhism, rejects old habits and seeks a life more meaningful, only to alienate his immediate family in the process. Moving seamlessly between three family members, Donovan’s clear-eyed, richly expressive prose sings off the page. Each character’s voice has its own subtle rhythm and the conclusion is a poignant mixture of hope and lingering reservations. “Buddha Da” is a delight from one of Britain’s best writers.

Reviews of Buddha Da

* An enchanting novel in which ordinary lives are illuminated with extraordinary charm. Daily Telegraph * Buddha Da reads like a Scottish Roddy Doyle, dealing with potentially heavy issues with an addictive blend of pathos and humour. Observer * A beauty…the book had me engrossed to the end. Sunday Telegraph * Her deliciously corkscrewed tale flows with the sap of everyday life. Sunday Times * Anne Donovan is outstanding. Melvyn Bragg * Quirky and endearing. Don't wait until your next life too read it. Sunday Herald * A delightfully deadpan look at what happens when one family member decides that he's unlocked the secrets of the universe. Independent * An engaging account … Buddha Da recalls the early stories of Roddy Doyle … it has just enough humour to make the family compelling, and some delicate touches of insight – usually from Anne-Marie – that raise it above a suburban comedy. — Katy Guest Independent

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