FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9780099520535
RRP: £7.99
PAGES: 432



By (author) Ewan Morrison

Tom and Meg fall in love in New York City and spend a passionate week together before he returns to his home in Edinburgh, where they plan to reunite in eight weeks. So begins a long distance relationship filled with phone calls, phone sex, emails, text messages and waiting. Back in Scotland, Tom’s eyes are opened to the mess he’s been living in, with a job he despises and a girlfriend, an ex-wife and son he can no longer relate to. Meanwhile in New York, Meg throws in her job as a Hollywood script doctor, and begins writing from her heart, secretly recording every detail of their intense week together. As the weeks count down their love turns increasingly obsessive and they face traumatic choices. Does Tom really Love Meg, or is she a dream of escape? And what is Tom to Meg but increasingly a fiction? Only when she arrives they will know for sure.

Reviews of Distance

"Utterly compelling… On this form, Morrison is one of the finest novelists around" The Times "A transatlantic romance is brilliantly stretched to breaking point. But after a passionate week together, just how well do Tom and Meg know each other? Secrets and lies mount on two continents, as a face-to-face confrontation inevitably looms" Daily Mirror "Morrison is on the button" Independent "Morrison strives to tell a new kind of love story sensitive to modern anxieties" Sunday Herald "The absorption of two lovers can make the reader feel like a gooseberry, but Morrison leaves you aching for their reunion" Arena

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