FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781849343282
PAGES: 176


MawBroon’s Afternoon Tea Book: Commonwealth and Empire Edition of the Nation’s Favourite Scottish Afternoon Tea Recipes

By (author) Maw Broon

Maw Broon and the Glebe Street Afternoon Tea Ladies bring you the best of their Scottish recipes for just under 100 Scottish fancy cakes and dainty savouries. Maw Broon and the Glebe Street Afternoon Tea Ladies bring you the best of their Scottish recipes for fancy cakes and dainty savouries. They’ve also written their very own (idiosyncratic) advice on the etiquette of afternoon tea for their friends and family, at home and abroad in the Commonwealth and Empire. Miss Gardner, a teacher, and one of the Glebe Street afternoon tea ladies, has written out the recipes, nice and neat, so that everyone can make the traditional recipes and enjoy a good Scottish afternoon tea. But Maw’s proven advice and unique observations, in her own vernacular, are also sprinkled throughout this colourful, bright and entertaining book. You’ll be well equipped to present an outstanding spread with near enough 100 braw recipes. These include cheese pastries, savoury choux buns, mini quiches, fairy cakes (who needs cupcakes!), millefeuille (whit? that’s a vanilla slice if you’re a Broon), swiss roll, .clairs, meringues, brandy snaps, gipsy creams, empire biscuits, and many more.In addition there’s a selection of recipes to help you make the perfect celebration cake. Cover it in ganache, buttercream, marzipan, fondant or royal icing – take your pick. Extras include illustrations of 12 recipe cards scattered throughout, that include strawberry jam, raspberry jam, apple jelly, tablet, chocolate truffles, and chantilly cream. And there are some vintage “Aunt Kate” recipes (taken from Maw’s favourite magazine The People’s Friend) for a nostalgic and homely look. This is the perfect gift, full of Broons humour and delicious Scottish recipes to enable you to host your own afternoon tea party – or just conduct yourself with manners when you’re in a posh tearoom. All the main recipes are braw.

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