FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781845027780
RRP: £7.99
PAGES: 256
PUBLICATION DATE: September 17, 2014


When Sorry is Not Enough

By (author) Millie Gray

In When Sorry Is Not Enough, the thrilling sequel to The Tangling of the Web, Sally Stuart’s adventures in post-war Leith continue. Four years on from discovering their true heritage, Sally and Luke have overcome their animosity to forge a trusting relationship. And now Luke has returned home from his post as a detective in the Hong Kong police force to prove the innocence of his friend Irish, who is in prison for the murder of his wife. Luke believes Irish was set up and asks for Sally’s help to prove it. But, as always, Sally has her hands full: as well as tending her flourishing business empire, she must also pick up the pieces when her family runs into trouble, from her feckless sister Josie to her self-centred daughter Margo. Moreover, she must put her own dreams on hold because the man she loves is not free to be with her. So when Luke suggests that Sally return to Hong Kong with him to start a new life, she is sorely tempted. Will she really leave her beloved Leith behind?

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